Message from General Director

Let me greet all visitors of “Hokkaido Developers Group” (HODEG) home page.

Our company, being international by mentality, nature of projects and capital, is focused on the implementation of projects that contribute to the construction of the advanced technical and architectural terms of objects, create a comfortable urban environment, exchanges of technology, culture and sports.

Since its establishment over 10 years ago in 2004, the efforts of the Japanese, Canadian and Russian shareholders and managers of the company managed to create a reputation as a conductor of ideas of cooperation in the architecture and construction between the Sakhalin Region of the Russian Federation and the Hokkaido prefecture of Japan.

Regardless of the ups and downs in the world economy, our company adheres to the strategic course towards the progressive development of mutually beneficial cooperation between Sakhalin and Hokkaido, between Russia and Japan.

The steady growth of HODEG corporate economic indicators which operated in full compliance with all technological standards, tax and labor legislation proves possibility of implementation in Sakhalin of international construction projects, based on foreign direct foreign investments.

Shareholders of HODEG are willing to develop new projects for modernization of agriculture and infrastructure (roads, airports, seaports), for support in designing of cultural and medical facilities.

The shareholders and management of the company are aware of the social role and responsibility of the business, the need for active cooperation with the authorities and public organizations of Sakhalin.

Together with you, dear friends and colleagues, we will continue on this way.

General Data