“Hokkaido Center” Facilities

  • Office Center Class “A”
  • Address: Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, Kommunistichesky Avenue, 18
  • Operation start: October 2015
  • Floors plans / Booklet

The concept: to provide for comfortable, safe, esthetic and friendly environment for business and communication of office personnel and their guests inside the earthquake-resistant building equipped with all modern engineering systems and located in the green zone close to the administrative center of the city.



  • Beautiful place in the center of the city near Gagarin park.
  • Easy access: by foot 7 minutes to the House of Government and Chekhov Center; by car – from Kommunistichesky Avenue, Komsomolskaya street and Gorky street.
  • Separate gates for vehicles from Kommunistichesky Avenue between Komsomolskaya and Gorkogo Street.
  • Secure private parking for 120 cars.
  • Private fenced landscaped area of 1.7 hectares with Japanese garden.

Architecture and Structure

  • Design: Individual design by Japanese and Russian designers, namely Docon and Iwakura Kensetsu (Sapporo), Sakhalin-Engineering and Capitel (Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk), Erconsyb (Novosibirsk), etc.
  • General Contractor: Japanese-Russian JV “Hokkaido Developers Group” (HODEG).
  • Structure: earthquake-resistant of reinforced concrete, matching standards of Japan and confirmed by seismic calculations in Russia (columns cross-section 100*100 cm).
  • Facade walls and interior finishing of high-quality materials, simple style and natural colors. Facade walls siding of Mitsubishi Alpolic (Japan); first floor – of natural granite.
  • Windows and stained-glass systems – of aluminum profile SCHUKO (Germany). Double glazing of Asahi Glass made energy-efficient Low-E glass. Total area of the building: 4424 sq. m.
  • Total area of the building: 4424 sq. m.
  • Number of floors: 6 floors.
  • Total area for lease: 2821 sq. m.
  • Office space: minimum 66 sq. m, maximum 508 sq. m (one floor with standard partitions).
  • Floor height – 4 m, ceiling height – 3 m.
  • Inter-office partitions are set in accordance with Lessee’s instructions.
  • Offices with standard finishing are available (66 sq. m).
  • Cafeteria in the lobby of the first floor, mini-kitchen at each floor.

Engineering Systems

  • Centralized climate system (ventilation and air conditioning).
  • Communication and Internet: based on digital fiber-optic communications, traffic provided by leading providers (Rostelecom, TTK, Megaphone, etc) – at tenant’s option.
  • Structured cabling systems (SCS) in the OA raised floor by HITACHI (Japan).
  • Centralized building management system (BMS).
  • Fire and security alarm systems, access control to premises with electronic key.
  • Sanitary-ware – by TOTO with Washlet (Japan).
  • Elevators – Hyundai (Korea).
  • Backup power supply (from 2 independent urban cables, stand-by power generator).


  • Professional 24-hour security inside the building and parking area.
  • Video surveillance inside and outside of the building.
  • Central reception to check personnel and meet guests at the front desk.
  • Access system through the turnstiles.
  • Access control to rooms by electronic key cards.
  • Fencing around the site perimeter.

Food and Leisure.

  • For convenience of tenants and guests a cafeteria in the lobby on the 1st floor for light food and drinks, and a Café/Restaurant in the adjacent Annex building.
  • Indoor all-season tennis court near the Office building .